Say goodbye to the
bends and creases.


Introducing the Boot Shaper, the perfect solution for preserving and extending the life of all your favorite boots. Manufactured by Dewitt Plastics in Auburn, NY, the Boot Shaper is available in two different styles and three fun colors to fit nearly any boot. Boot Shapers ensure that your boots get the respect they deserve.


Offered in 2 size variations.
Built to fit any boot styles.

Available in Orange, Coconut, and Lavender.


The Original:

Designed for taller fashion or riding style boots. 14” tall with calf detail for best fit and function. Prevents slouching and bending.



The Shorty:

Designed for shorter style boots. 9” height is ideal for western style and trendy mid height boots. Prevents bending and creasing in ankle area.


Made in Upstate New York.
Manufactured by Dewitt Plastics.



Boot Shapers are molded of polypropylene, a strong, durable, and practically unbreakable material. Long life is assured. Whimsical colors are permanently molded in.



Boot Shapers are ideally designed to fit the shape of any boot. The smooth curvature of the front and back halves mimic the shape of your leg – filling the boot as though you were still wearing it.



The self adjusting strut provides just the right tension to shape boots without distortion and creases are minimized. Ankle folds are eliminated by keeping boots upright. Boot Shapers also allow air to reach deep into the boot to aid drying. Regular use protects your footwear investment and provides you with a neat and orderly closet.


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Mix and match colors & sizes when ordering a pair of Boot Shapers.
All Boot Shaper packs are sold in pairs.